Browser games (playable on browser with html5+webgl support):

Kadotettu menneisyys -choose to survive, Finnish game
Appleman -collect some apples
HungryGnome -run&jump game
Reino -adventure game

Games at github (at github, click "Clone or download", and download ZIP):

Aamukrapula -small java adventure game, where player have hangover
Robo -small java adventure game
Jujeman -small java adventure game
Rusty Sword -java slash'em game
Wormi -worm game made with urhosharp
Slotti -slotmachine game

Games (without source codes):

Aamukrapula 2 -small adventure game made with unity
SpaceDork -space shooting game made with unity
memmu -memory game made with irrlicht
StartTrek -space shooting game made with monogame
BallsLabyrinth -labyrinth game made with blender

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